What it is

Premium toner containing various herbal ingredients to moisturize micro molecule particles.

How to use

Every morning and evening after washing your face, apply moderate amount of toner and gently pat it onto your skin.

Key ingredients

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Effective particles that provide moisture to skin.
Effective micro molecular particles quickly resolve the dryness of the skin by moisturizing and soothing the pores which occurs after the face wash.

Completing skin with various Korean herbal ingredients mixed in the sap
According to the studies of traditional Korean herbs recorded in DONG UI BO GAM(a traditional Korea medicine book), the effective micro molecular ingredients in the toner help boost the skin gloss by systematically delivering skin care effects with the use of CHEONGASUN JINAC(Essence), CHEONGASUN EMULSION, CHEONGASUN EYE CREAM, and CHEONGASUN(Cream).

MME (Micro Multiple Emulsion) technology
Besides the atomized Tissue Cultured Wild Ginseng Adventitious Root Extract, precious Korean herbal ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, which balances skin texture and restore elasticity of sagged skin.

Skin elasticity from deep inside
Carefully selected Korean herbal ingredients permeates deeply in the skin which makes firm and glowing skin with elasticity.

Moisturizing skin
Abundant moisturizing ingredients moisturize dry skin after shower, and enhance the ability to hydrate dry skin quickly.

Soothing skin
Various Korean herbal ingredients soothe the skin stimulated by the external environment.

Smooth and elastic skin
Korean Herbal ingredients provide nourishment to the skin, which make the skin glow and recover its flexibility by forming a protective layer on the skin surface.

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