[THE PURE LOTUS] Rose quartz Guasha
[THE PURE LOTUS] Rose quartz Guasha

[THE PURE LOTUS] Rose quartz Guasha



What it is

Natural Gem Massage for your tired skin

Brighten up your tired, dull skin with Natural Rose Quartz Guasha.

Skin elasticity, Wrinkle Care

It lowers the fatique of muscles, lifts your skin up by massaging it from bottom to top, and improves elasticity of your skin.

Stimulating blood circulation, Detoxing

It relaxes your body by helping circulation and helps remove toxins.

Art-collabo Package

When you open the simeple package, there is a unique art-collabo design of The Pure Lotus with beautiful rose quartz guasha.


  • blood circulation
  • detoxing
  • self-care

How to use

Keep it in the refrigerator for 5 mins before use! It is more effective for reducing swelling, contracting pores and calming your skin.

01. Spread a cream or oil on the spot that you want to massage. (Without a cream or oil, it might irritate your skin.)

02. In order of cheek-forehead-chin-neck from the center of your face towards outside, use guasha upwards. (After use, please rinse it with running water to store)

Key ingredients

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